Ambitions have to start somewhere – and for many of our Tour participants, their ambition to study and play their sport in the US set about after the Tour.

The DreamBig Events Summer Tours are series of tours in the US that let participants experience what a life of a US collegiate athlete is like.

The Tour includes exclusive training camps, private group sessions with reputed US college coaches, campus tours in top universities in the US, among many others.

While fun and exciting, the Tours are designed to have participants reflect if US college is for them, and to impress independence and good-fellowship through active group participation.

Networking with College Coaches

Organized meetings with college coaches on campus and during the college camps give participants the rare opportunity to build their relationships with these college coaches to kickstart their recruitment process.

Camps run by College Coaches

Each tour participates in 3-4 camps led by college coaches from the World’s Best Universities. College coaches share their insights on how they recruit for their universities, and the daily life of a college athlete.

Tournaments / Showcases

Participants will get the opportunity to compete against an International field in front of college coaches. We attend some of the biggest junior tournaments offered in the U.S. for college recruits, giving each participant the chance to appear on the radar of college coaches and get recruited.

Daily De-Briefing and Post-Tour Report

Each day, our tour counsellors (ex-collegiate athletes) will work with participants to review and process their experiences, as well as prepare for the next day. Upon the conclusion of the tour, each participant will receive a report containing feedback from their tour counsellors and college coaches, along with recommended next steps.

Campus Tours and Sessions by Admissions Officers

Guided tours of each campus gives insight into the daily life of a college student. Information sessions are hosted by admissions officers who provide a broad overview of the college and its academic and extracurricular opportunities.

College Recruitment Advice and Understanding the SAT/ACT

Our highly experienced tour counsellors will lead discussions on the various aspects of the recruitment process and college admissions – marketing materials, interview preparation, tournament scheduling etc.

Thank you to the DreamBig Events team for looking after the kids, Franco will always remember your sense of encouragement and inspiration. He’s already looking forward to joining the tour again next year. More power to DreamBig Events!

Mr. and Mrs. RiveraParent
 (2017 West Coast Golf Tour)

We had a 2-day private Princeton Tennis camp which was really amazing because the fitness over here is so much more rigorous, more than what we do in India. Coach Pate and Coach Hume designed many drills for us and gave us the opportunity to train the latest tennis technology in the Princeton Varsity Tennis courts. I felt like I was a Princeton College Tennis player – living the dream! This tour and camp has changed my perspective on turning professional, now I really want to come and play college tennis in the U.S. first!

 (2017 East Coast Tennis Tour)

Thank you to the DreamBig Events team for taking good care of the kids, and making their summer tour experience a meaningful one. Marc learned a lot from this tour and it gave them an idea what it is like to be studying abroad and the life of a Student-Athlete. Thank you for your patience with the kids!

Mr. and Mrs LuParent
 (2017 West Coast Golf Tour)