Ambitions have to start somewhere – and for many of our participants, their ambition to study and play their sport in the US.

DreamBig Events lets student-athletes experience what a life of a US collegiate athlete is like.

We bridge the gap between junior athletics and pro-sports  by organizing sports events from Sports Exposure and Showcase Camps to Tournaments in Asia and the U.S.

Tournaments / Showcases

Participants will get the opportunity to compete against an International field in front of college coaches. We attend some of the biggest junior tournaments offered in the U.S. for college recruits, giving each participant the chance to appear on the radar of college coaches and get recruited.

Daily De-Briefing and Post-Tour Report

Each day, our tour counsellors (ex-collegiate athletes) will work with participants to review and process their experiences, as well as prepare for the next day. Upon the conclusion of the tour, each participant will receive a report containing feedback from their tour counsellors, along with recommended next steps.

Campus Tours and Sessions by Admissions Officers

Guided tours of each campus gives insight into the daily life of a college student. Information sessions are hosted by admissions officers who provide a broad overview of the college and its academic and extracurricular opportunities.

College Recruitment Advice and Understanding the SAT/ACT

Our highly experienced tour counsellors will lead discussions on the various aspects of the recruitment process and college admissions – marketing materials, interview preparation, tournament scheduling etc.

Thank you to DreamBig Events team for taking such good care of Dani, Nori and I are grateful. The tour was extremely well run. Us parents received daily updates from the consultants during the course of the tour, we felt as if we were there experiencing the tour with Dani!

Mrs. PobladorParent
 (2017 East Coast Tennis Tour)

This summer is the best summer I’ve ever had in my life. I got to meet a lot of college coaches, I bonded with my friends, made some new friends, and got to see different colleges outside Asia. We always jammed music in the car, I helped put my friends make up on, we had fun writing summaries together, we thought of different ideas, and tried to help each other. I noticed learned that college golfers are also really good students, and I now know that I need to study more and practice more to get myself prepared. I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR THE TRIP! THANK YOU!!

Vivien MokParticipant 
(2018 West Coast Golf Tour)

The tour was fun and memorable! Having the chance to play at the Yale courts was really amazing! I was able to learn from all these top university coaches, like Coach Paul at Brown who taught us about directionals

BenParticipant (2018 Tennis Tour)