About Us

DreamBig Events is a sports events company dedicated to providing a positive, motivating and challenging platform for young athletes living in Asia to improve their skills and grow their passion for their sport.
We recognize that the U.S. college athletics ecosystem is a good stepping stone for athletes in Asia to further develop their athleticism and compete at a world stage, whilst earning graduating with a university degree. Since 2016, DreamBig Events has run over 15 college tours in the U.S. and over 10 college camps and showcases in Asia in golf, tennis, and squash. These tours and camps serve to introduce and familiarize athletes with the college recruiting process and experience a day in the life of a college athlete at a top academic and athletic university. The coaches we’ve brought to Asia (and run our tours with in the U.S.) include the top NCAA Division 1 and Division 3 universities such as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, NYU, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon University etc.
Our goal is to provide as many opportunities for aspiring Student-Athletes living in Asia to develop their games through exposure to various training fundamentals and coaching styles from the U.S., as well as network with college coaches, to be prepared for the rigors of U.S. college athletics and studying abroad.