U.S. East Coast College Squash

Colleges/Universities we will visit:

Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Tufts University, Wesleyan University, Drexel University.

Includes all local transportation (excluding flight to/from your point of origin), breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, all accommodations, all Tournament Fees and Seminars. Junior Camps are to be paid online individually by the participant.


Cost: US$ 6,000
16 – 27 June, 2019
12 days /  11 nights
Maximum Enrollment:
15 participants

Day Schedule
June 16 Evening Orientation – meet tour consultants and group
June 17 NYU & Columbia University
June 18 Yale University Camp
June 19 Wesleyan University Camp
Brown University
June 20 Harvard University Camp
June 21 Tufts University Camp
June 22 Princeton Squash Camp
June 23 Princeton Squash Camp
June 24 Princeton Squash Camp
June 25 Princeton Squash Camp
June 26 Drexel University Camp
University of Pennsylvania
June 27 SAT/ACT Prep Session and 12PM farewell


It was really good as I got to meet a lot of coaches and see the standards that were required to join a squash team. The highlight of tour was definitely the Princeton camp which lasted for 5 days. There were 10 different coaches and each of them had their own ways of teaching and giving us drills and strategies. I found that really good because it gave me new insights to the way I play squash.

Abhinav (2018 Squash Tour)

It was an amazing experience! It was the first time I’ve done something like this before. At Harvard, I got one of the best sessions of my life. I learned so much from it! I just met so many people on this tour and at the Princeton Squash Camp I made a lot of friends and so the overall experience was really a lot of fun.

Tarun (2018 Squash Tour)