Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What if my child is too young and/or is not at a competitive level? Is it too early to join a tour?

Most definitely not! DreamBig tours are for students in Grade 8, 9 and 10 looking to get a taste of the U.S. student-athlete life.

By featuring various U.S. universities and programs, tours have something for everyone. Tours suit both students looking to explore and those set on playing college sports. The tours feature activities designed to spark enthusiasm in sports and academics. Tours conclude with clear next steps for participants on how to kick-start their own unique journeys.

Do you have any recommended flights (to and from the U.S.)?

Flight suggestions are available upon request.

Can my child fly with a DreamBig Summer Tour Consultant?

Participants are to make their own flight arrangements. Please check with your airline about their policy for minors traveling alone. In the U.S., DreamBig tour consultants conduct multiple tours so they will already be in the U.S. ready to greet participants as soon as they step out of the arrival hall. Consultants will accompany participants up to the check-in counters on the day of their flights.

Who will arrange transportation from the airport, hotel, and college-to-college?

DreamBig Events will arrange all on-ground transportation and each participant will have a reserved seat on the van. Costs are already included in the tour fee.

What are the hotel accommodations and the neighbourhood’s level of safety?

DreamBig Event’s primary concern is the safety of the participants

We will provide the participants with a final list of accommodations with their respective addresses once reservations have been finalized. We typically stay at Holiday Inn or equivalent hotels in twin-sharing rooms which are very safe and comfortable, with each participant sharing a room with another participant of the same gender.

How many participants are attending?

DreamBig tours typically have 15 participants on each tour.

What does a college visit entail?

Each college visit is composed of the following:
– Campus Tour – Student-led tour of university grounds and facilities conducted by the admissions office of the university
– Information Session – Sessions led by the admissions office providing a brief presentation about the school
– Coach Meeting and Sports Facilities Tour – An exclusive opportunity where participants meet coaches face-to-face and visit athletes-only facilities
– At select universities, we will be practicing on their facilities and/or conducting a day-long camp with the coaches.

Will the college coaches be spending adequate time with each participant during the camps?

Unlike most other summer camps that are run in the U.S., DreamBig tours are capped at 15 participants. The camps are designed so that college coaches rotate equally between all participants.

If my child is sick or injured can they still participate in the program?

The DB events team ensures that your child is given appropriate medical attention.
In case of emergency, a full list of medical facilities which are within 5-15 minutes away from any camp location or hotel is readily available.

Please do ensure that your child has appropriate travel and health insurance prior to travel from Asia. Please also submit a copy of the insurance to us for our records

What kind of weather should we be prepared for?

Temperatures range from 18-32º (64-90ºF). A typical day features 15 hours of daylight with the sunrise at 5:30 AM and sunset around 8:30 PM. Pack that sunscreen!

Where can I find detailed information for a tour that I’m already registered for?

A week before the tour, an email containing an information packet will be shared with all participants.. The packet is designed to prepare participants for the tour. It contains a suggested packing list, addresses, a detailed map and a breakdown of the upcoming camps and competitions.

Sport-Specific Questions

Golf Tour Questions

Is the participation fee for the various camps and tournaments included in the tour fee?

All camp and tournament participation fees are covered by the costs of the summer tour

Will there be pull-carts or buggies for my child to use during the tournament?

There are a certain number of rental pull-carts available at the course venue, but that is on a first-come-first-serve basis. DreamBig Events cannot held accountable for lack of availability of pull-carts.

Are there college coaches in attendance at the golf tournament?

Yes! College coaches would constantly be walking around, and it would add a good element of energy to the tournament.

Tennis Tour Questions

Will my child earn points for ITF ranking/UTR rating for attending the tour?

Participants will have an opportunity to increase their UTR rating during the tennis camps where UTR tournaments will be held. They will play against each other and/or members of the public in a round-robin format after attending a college-level training session with the College coaches.

If you don’t have a UTR profile, please create one using this link https://events.universaltennis.com/register/?redirect=/gameplan/.

How much tennis are they playing throughout the tennis tour?

Participants will be involved in 6 tennis camps and 1 tournament (The John McEnroe Tennis Academy Showcase). They will also have the opportunity to visit and practice at the world famous U.S. Open Courts.

What is the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) Showcase?

The JMTA is a recruiting combine which gives prospects access to the country’s top collegiate coaches, and gives coaches in-person “live” access to prospects, along with detailed tennis and fitness performance reporting, to help them find the right recruits for their programs.

How much Tennis is played on the tour, and what is the training style?

Tennis will be played in 9 out of the 12 days of the tour, each day of tennis will be either in:

– A Tennis Camp with a College Coach (there are 5 camps) – minimum of 6 hours of tennis will be played in each camp.
– Training style: on-court collegiate tennis drills (experience the intensive college style drilling), on-court fitness, UTR matches incorporated in each camp for college coaches to evaluate point play construction. Coaches will bring in local players to compete in the UTR matches against the tour participants. A post tour report will feature feedback from each college coach on the participant’s tennis, and provide pointers on how to improve.

– The JMTA Showcase (2 days) – at least 6 hours of tennis will be played in the round-robin format of the showcase.

– Non-camp practice days led by ex-collegiate tennis players (our tour leaders) – approximately 4 hours of tennis training
– Training style: matchplay and on-court live ball collegiate tennis drills, alternating with on-court fitness routines – far more intensive than your regular training session in Asia!

Squash Tour Questions

What is the minimum age to be eligible to participate in the squash tour?

This is an exciting opportunity for junior squash players age 12-17 interested in gaining exposure to college squash in the U.S.

How many squash camps have been planned during the tour?

This is an action packed tour! Participants will be involved in 7 camps to be led by university coaches. These camps focus on technique, strategies, college-style practices and much more.

Which universities will be a part of the tour?

Coaches from Princeton, Harvard and Yale University to name a few, will be conducting the different camps.