Code of Conduct

The values that we intend to teach are respect for other people; our competitors, colleagues and staff. Learning to respect each other is, therefore, a part of the program. There is a general standard of behaviour, which also applies to the use of all facilities. Disciplinary action may be taken where necessary to maintain this Code of Conduct. The Participant may be sent home at his/her own expense if he/she breaches the Code of Conduct and in which event, the Participant will not be entitled to claim any refund of any fees or expenses incurred by the Participant.

1. Respect for Others

Respect for the rights, privileges, and sensibilities of others is essential in preserving the spirit of community. DreamBig Events prohibits abusive or harassing behaviour, verbal or physical, which demeans, intimates, threatens, or injuries another because of personal characteristics or beliefs or their expression.

2. Personal Safety

DreamBig Events prohibits conduct that threatens or endangers the personal safety or security of others. This would include but is not limited to: (a) engaging or participating in activities that threatens the safety as well as the property of others; (b) using or possessing weapons, including firearms that shoot projectiles, explosive or incendiary device, toy guns, and other objects that can be used as weapons.

3. Sexual Misconduct

DreamBig Events prohibits sex or gender discrimination, which includes sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment, assault, stalking, and intimacy between participants.

4. Alcohol and Drugs

DreamBig Events prohibits the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages by and to persons under 21 years of age. In addition, DreamBig Events prohibits the unlawful use or distribution of any controlled substances (This includes the use or distribution of prescription drugs without a prescription) in any amount at the Event.

5. Disorderly Conduct (Violation of Applicable Laws)

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the law and commonly accepted standards of behaviour. DreamBig Events prohibits behaviours that disrupt and disrespect the working and/or living conditions of others. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive noise, combative and disruptive conduct with the Events’ organizers as well as other Event participants.

6. Use of Event Venue Resources

DreamBig Events prohibits (a)vandalism; (b) destruction of the property of others, or of the Venue Location; (c) theft or unauthorized use or borrowing of property or services (d) unauthorized occupancy at DreamBig Events event venues.